CNET's Unclear Report

Another misleading story from CNET: Mozilla take wraps off Firefox 1.5.
Let's see:

Firefox 1.5 also supports new Web programming standards, such as AJAX, that enable more graphical capabilities in Web pages.
Mozilla take wraps off Firefox 1.5, CNET

This is TOTALLY misleading. To non-technical users, this sentence seems to say that "Firefox now supports AJAX", so on the other hand, "Firefox doesn't support AJAX until now".

And that's not all.

And the browser features more sophisticated application programming interfaces for people who build and use add-on programs, such as browser-based weather updates.
Mozilla take wraps off Firefox 1.5, CNET

Why associate WeatherFox with add-ons? Add-ons refer to "extensions, themes, plug-ins, and search plug-ins". Why just mention an extension?

Jeez, that's misleading. I can totally predict that the Chinese translation of this new article will make it even worse. Believe me.