Dirty Works Behind Firefox 1.5

I just saw this section from the Mozilla Corportation's press release:

With Firefox 1.5, Mozilla continues its search partnership with Google in the Americas and in Europe and begins a new search relationship with Yahoo! in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

"Yahoo! is very pleased to enter into a strategic relationship with Mozilla that enables us to offer Firefox to further extend our network of products and services in four of the most rapidly-growing Internet markets in the world," said Farzad Nazem, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Yahoo! Inc. "By combining Yahoo!'s global Internet leadership with Mozilla's innovative, easy-to-use, open source Firefox Web browser and our shared commitment to end users, we will deliver an enhanced Web experience for millions of users worldwide, beginning with China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan."

"Firefox has connected with the global community of Web users because it delivers a fast, easy, modern browsing experience" , said Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. "Google continues to support the growth of Firefox because of the strong alignment between our mission to organize the world's information and make it useful, and Mozilla's principled approach to developing great software."

"Firefox 1.5 represents the tireless efforts of our global community of developers and consumer advocates, who continue to work to make the Web experience better for everyone," said Baker.
Mozilla Introduces Firefox 1.5 and Ups the Ante in Web Browsing

No. That isn't what it seems. The reason why Mozilla did this is because of a simple and dirty reason: they have poor market shares in Asian regions, and because Google isn't popular in Asia, they decided to switch to Yahoo!, hoping to increase popularity.

The folks at Mozilla corp aren't that smart of course: Yahoo! suggested this.

Beneath the stage, Yahoo! realized that Firefox's market share is fairly low in Asia, while Yahoo's dominated the portal market in Asia.
So Yahoo offered this: You make me the default search engine and homepage, and I'll promote Firefox for you. This is just way too dirty.

It wouldn't have been so dirty if Yahoo! Taiwan wasn't so bad. For those who have not used Yahoo! Taiwan, I'm telling you: most layouts or features look horrible and corrupted in Firefox. The only way is to make Yahoo! Taiwan be more realistic and realize that Yahoo! is now supporting Firefox, and ignoring browser issues are not the way to go.

I'm particularly emotional on this.