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New Design: Xīnnián

With the arrival of Chinese New Year, I decided to make another design based on Zen and called it "Xīnnián." Xīnnián is Chinese for "new year" (新年), which is approximately pronounced "shin'nien" for those unfamiliar with Pinyin. Read on for explanations of various Chinese characters featured in this design.

New Design: Kieferwald

Ever since I've moved to the Puget Sound area, I've always wanted to do a design based on pine trees, which are abundant in Washington state. They didn't call it the Evergreen state for no reason. If there's anything that can be called "recurring" in West Washington, then pine trees, berry bushes, and crows would be on the list. After a photo-shooting spree in a variety of parks in the Seattle suburban area, I finally captured (and felt) what I considered to be the "spirit" of pine trees. Redesign

VoIPerized is a VoIP application around the block, and just like Skype, Google Talk, or other stuff, it lets you call others for free when you're online. The author, Jeroen de Kleijn, thinks the website could be better. I worked with him for several months to redesign the website gradually.

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