Curriculum Vitæ


Wil Lee
San Francisco, CA, United States
1 (206) 552-8604 (mobile)


My current expertise is in front-end development with modern tools such as , , , and React, but I remain familiar with an older generation of web dev technologies, e.g. , , and .

On a broader spectrum, I've worked extensively with , , , , , (plus some ), have had some experience with and , and a tad bit of database modeling experience.

Aside from Unix wizardry, localization and internationalization continue to be my hobby as well as my roots in how I came to do software engineering.


  1. December 2015
    Joined Urbandoor and started the main React project that powers the marketplace
  2. January 2014
    Started full-time at Twitter on the Commerce team and worked on a React project that bridged with legacy architecture
  3. June 2012, June 2013
    Interned at Twitter on the Revenue Frontend team for 2 summers and worked on Twitter Ads, a large-scale Rails app
  4. June 2011
    Interned at on the Buyer Fraud Services team in the Transaction Risk Management Systems (TRMS) group and investigated the usage of email address normalization as a way to decrease fraud
  5. July 2009, June 2010
    Interned at Mozilla Corporation on the Web Dev team and worked on internal tools
  6. June 2008
    Started summer internship at Microsoft on the Windows PowerShell team, learned C#, and investigated Visual Studio integration


  1. University of Washington (2009 - 2013)