New Design: Xīnnián

With the arrival of Chinese New Year, I decided to make another design based on Zen and called it "Xīnnián." Xīnnián is Chinese for "new year" (新年), which is approximately pronounced "shin'nien" for those unfamiliar with Pinyin. Read on for explanations of various Chinese characters featured in this design.

To the left, there is "gōng hè xīn xī" (恭賀新禧), which roughly translates to "congratulations and wish you a happy new year." To the right, there is "wàn shì rú yì" (萬事如意), which roughly translates to "may everything you wish come true."

For the sidebar, there is the "chūn" () character, which means "spring." The character is upside-down because the Chinese character for upside-down is "dào" (), which has the exactly pronunciation in Mandarin as , which means "come" or "arrive." There's also the upside-down "fú" () character replacing the pine cone as the blockquote background, which means "prosperity." It's a perky tradition to turn the character "chūn" or "fú" upside-down to mean "spring has arrived" or "prosperity has arrived." This observation can be seen on Google, where all the "fú" characters were right side up except on, where it was upside-down.

Finally, there's the pretty lanterns as the header, which are seen everywhere during Chinese New Year.