DROP Continues GHOP's Beat

After the Google Highly Open Participation (GHOP) contest ended, we've got a huge influx of new contributors in Drupal. The positive influence the GHOP brought was truly amazing. To keep the beat rolling, DROP was created. Standing for Drupal Really Open Participation, we continue the goodness of a task-based system and pancakes.

This is a really brilliant idea. It serves as an incentive for regular contributors. It interests new contributors. It gives recognition. These are all successful traits of GHOP that DROP wishes to carry on. I've personally already claimed one task and plan to work on more once I have the first one cleared.

So what can you do to help? Read on.

  • Complete some tasks. Feeling like coding? Look no further than for some open tasks to curb your coding urge!
  • Propose new tasks. Have a very good idea that doesn't exist in reality yet? Give someone a chance to pull it into the plane of reality by creating a task. Remember to get an account to do so.
  • Give feedback. Anyone who wants to butt in and provide constructive criticism is welcomed.

So rock on at DROP and improve Drupal!