Kenpachi's Zanpakutō

If you don't read or watch Bleach, this post will seem like nonsense to you. Otherwise, read on.

I am getting sick and tired of people saying that Zaraki Kenpachi does not have shikai for his zanpakutō. Kenpachi does have shikai. Don't believe it? Wikipedia says it on two occasions.

Wikipedia cites page 258 of the Bleach Official Character Book SOULs for this fact. The page can be downloaded at Ju-Ni. (Ju-Ni is a very good Bleach scanlation group, although they do have other projects too. Membership is free, so don't complain.) For those who don't like to register on sites they aren't familiar with, I also have the page itself uploaded at two different locations.

To the right, on the second column (actually, row), it says:


Roughly translated, it says:

[Constant-release type] Zanpakuto that constantly take their "shikai" form due to their wielder's great spiritual power. Ichigo and Kenpachi's zanpakuto belong to this type.

So there you have it. It is officially stated by Tite Kubo himself: Zaraki Kenpachi does have shikai.

yes but in the series it

yes but in the series it also says he doesnt know its name so he cant have shiki unless he does

so he can't have shiki

so he can't have shiki unless he does

You contradict yourself.

He doesn't know its name,

He doesn't know its name, that's why it's always released, because he can't communicate with it to seal it away into a normal sword

Ichigo also had the released

Ichigo also had the released form and he did not know his swords name at that stage of the anime.

Check it I am right.

I'm pretty sure he didn't

I'm pretty sure he didn't contradict himself. He was saying that Kenpachi cannot have a shikai unless he knows his zanpakuto's name. Sadly, although his statement would normally be correct, it's still wrong. In the anime, they state that his zanpakuto is constantly released. On top of that, you've got a source from Tite Kubo saying that he's got a constantly released shikai because of his immense spiritual pressure, and no one can argue with that. So, basically...HE HAS A SHIKAI!!!!!

yes, kenpachi has shikai, but

yes, kenpachi has shikai, but has too much spiritual pressure to keep it sealed
if he knew his zanpakuto's name though, he could easily attain bankai and mess up all of soul society

kenpachi does have shikai why

kenpachi does have shikai why do you think his zampaktou looks like that?

I guess his zanpakutō looks

I guess his zanpakutō looks all roughed up and nearly broken just as a reflection of Kenpachi's disregard of Kendo and the way of the sword... if you remember during his battle with Nnoitra Jiruga he says specifically that he never cared about "the way of the sword" but more than reffering to the philosophy and way of behaviour we would understand, he meant literally that he never cared about learning how properly weild a Katana, although later he demonstrates he is perfectly trained (by Yamamoto himself) in Kendo, he doesn't like to use it because he would be so powerful that no one would ever represent a real challenge thus he would never enjoy a fight ever again... so in a way I think that his Zanpakuto looks all rusty and ruined as another way to limit Kenpachi's massive reiatsu output...

hmmmnn.... you all state very

hmmmnn.... you all state very good reasons but allow me to explain. as you all know a soul reaper needs to know the name of their zanpakuto to obtain shikai,and later bankai.
now since that is cleared up, do you recall the events of when uryu first meet ichigo, and challenged him?
during the ending of that segment ichigo lost control of his spiritual power and his sword began to if uryu hadnt inturuppted, ichigo would have obtained a false shikai, forged from his immense S.P,
the same can be said about kenpachi, while he doesnt know his zanpakuto's name the form it takes now might be a false shikai. one forged by his own will. the dull ragged blade represents the hardship he expeirenced his entire life, along with the fact he always sees himself as weak and needs more power.
if you read the "toshiro hitsuguya" arc. you would see that the ice dragon already resided inside him. perhaps kenpachi is at odds with his zanpakuto's spirit, because he finds it weak in his eyes...

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