Migration from WordPress to Drupal

As I grow more and more liking on Drupal, I decided to truly integrate my WordPress-powered blog with my main site. This is quite challenging, since database schemas differ between different content management systems.

With the wp2drupal module, this can be easily achieved, and the only thing that matters would be how much would be migrated. My case was a pretty exceptional one, since I maintain the WordPress blog on a different subdomain with customized permalinks.

I chose to migrate the blog posts into story nodes to further integrate and blur the line between a real site and a blog. In the end, I ended up manually migrating those permalinks (which was obnoxious), retagging every post, and getting rid of useless posts.

The earlier you take the jump to switch to Drupal, the easier it'll be, and in the end I learned this the hard way by migrating from WordPress 2.0 to Drupal 5.