Mini-DVI, DVI-D, DVI-I, and frustration

It has been a while ever since I have been so pissed off. By Apple.

Apple sells these Mini-DVI to DVI adapters that work with MacBooks and whatever other kinds of Apple hardware that sport Mini-DVI ports, and, thinking that now I have a DVI to VGA adapter, I bought one of those Mini-DVI to DVI adapters at Fry's in hopes of finally being able to connect my MacBook to a VGA LCD monitor.

My dazzling happiness was abruptly halted when I realized that the Mini-DVI to DVI adapter does not work with my typical DVI to VGA adapter. It didn't fit. Then I realized that it's a Mini-DVI to DVI-D adapter, and my DVI to VGA adapter is a DVI-I to VGA adapter.

Even the packaging on the adapter showed a female DVI-I connector. Misleading enough, huh? Now I have to return the damn thing and buy an Apple Mini-DVI to VGA adapter, something Fry's doesn't have in stock.

I am pretty pissed off

I am pretty pissed off too.

I just bought a new MacBook, the one which has the Mini DisplayPort as the only available external display port. All I want to do is connect it to my TV using s-video, and so far, I've had to spend $65 on 3 different adapters!

Mini DisplayPort--> DVI-D (the only dvi adapter available)
DVI-I --> video (The packaging for this was labeled as DVI, so I didn't even know that it was incompatible until after waiting a week for it in the mail and then opening the package!)

What a hassle!

nice post1!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice post1!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just typical of the

This is just typical of the crap that MAC has always pulled: They want to be the only source for their goods and services so they engineer crap that makes you have to buy more crap to make their' crap work!

Yeah I said it CRAP! When i got my IMAC the first thing I looked for was a card slot so I could load my Pictures ya know what? There aren't any! and I saw that the HP Touch Smart had Card slots, TV/Cable slots and every other thing. But Igot my IMAC from the Air Force Exchange and they would not take it back!

Screw MAc or Apple or whatever they call themselves now! even as they screw their' loyal customers.

I would GIVE this IMAC away if I could just get a touch smart! I would take the $400 hit just to have a USEFUL computer!!!!. $1500 you can have my IMAC 2.4!!!!!