Ubiquity commands for Drupal

Ubiquity is a dynamic command and quasi-natural language add-on for Firefox, recently released by Mozilla Labs. It sure is getting ever so popular, so I decided to write two Drupal-related Ubiquity commands in one shot: drupal and drupal-api.

drupal teleports you to a node on drupal.org when you specify a node ID, so if you type drupal 250047 and hit Enter, you would be taken to http://drupal.org/node/250047. The preview also shows the node title before you hit Enter.

drupal-api looks up Drupal functions on api.drupal.org as you type. You can, for example, type drupal-api db_ and a list of functions starting with "db_" would appear in the suggestions list (thanks to the autocomplete API in Drupal). You can optionally specify the Drupal version; drupal-api db_query on d5 sends you to the Drupal 5 and not the Drupal 6 version of db_query().

View the Ubiquity commands project page to install and learn how to use them. Suggestions welcome.

Actually, I find the FF

Actually, I find the FF quick searches that I'm using *all the time* are module-related :
drp module_name : goes to the project page for the module
drc module_name : goes to the cvs html browser for the module - a ubiquity version could further refine by branches - branch suggestions would be cool too :-)
dri module_name : goes to the issue list for the module - a ubiquity version could further refine branches or status, I guess
dris (!) module_name : goes to the 'advanced issues search' form for the module
dria module_name : goes to the 'create issue' form for the module
The last two might look overkill, but they do come handy too :-)

I would *love* a ubiquity command to go to the 'view recent commits'' and 'view all releases' pages for a module, cause that's out of scope for plain old quicksearches
(no direct match between url and module name)

I created a similar command

I created a similar command for the Drupal API when Ubiquity was launched last week. See http://joshhuckabee.com/drupal-api-ubiquity-plugin. The version functionality is a nice touch here. I also like the teleport command idea.

Thanks for informing us

Thanks for informing us about this great plugin.

This plugin should

This plugin should definitely include a command to perform a Google site search on drupal.org

Example command: d mysearch

..would be the same as the Google search "site:drupal.org mysearch"

So I've been thinking a lot

So I've been thinking a lot about trying to get some nodes automatically created using ubiquity, and I figure I'm going to have to create a custom "listener" module, that listens for a GET at a particular URL, and parses the query string parameters into the node's fields then node_save's them.

(I don't want to just prepopulate my form and then still have to hit save, I want to not even have to visit my site).

So that's my answer; but if there's a way to do this in some kind of "Universal" way, I'd be happy to write the module the right way and contrib it. Otherwise, I'm just gonna write my little custom module and leave it at that.

I wonder if Ubiquity has an XML-RPC library that can be used--then we can connect it to Drupal's Services.module.

I think we are getting a

I think we are getting a really interesting discussion about integration of Ubiquity commands within Drupal (http://drupal.org/node/441774).

The project (a Drupal module generating automatically commands for Ubiquity).

I would be really thankful to everybody who would like to take part either in the discussion or the implementation of a hook_ff_ubiquity().