Netvibes: the Portal You Want It To Be

Netvibes is a highly customizable homepage portal.
It's completely Ajax powered, and it has more features than Google's personalized homepage.
Registering is free, and Traditional Chinese is coming.

Nero Aiming Home Entertainment Market

Nero has been considered the dominating burning software for a long time, because of their way of bundling with new burners. But when Nero 6 came out, they did what they never did: they went retail. They also introduced Nero Digital, a codec that implements the MPEG-4 standard.

Nero 7 is going to release on mid-October. I jumped at the chance of previewing this new Nero 7. It has three versions: Standard, Premium, and Essential.

Which Would You Prefer?

Which would you prefer, to have a broken finger, or your head ripped off?
Tristan Nitot, president of Mozilla Europe

This is just interesting ;)
I prefer to have a broken finger.

Studio 8 Out

Studio 8 is out! As the most useful tool for web designing, there are tremendous new features that make web designing easier.
Everyone who are using older versions of Studio should really upgrade.

Lame VoIP Fusses

All the VoIP fuss is lame. How so?
First of all, Microsoft is acquiring Teleo. Tell you what, Teleo uses the GlobalIP codec. Actually, both Skype and Google Talk uses the GlobalIP codec too.
The competetive tension is rising and guess what? They're all using GlobalIP!
Speex is better. Hope Google implements Speex.

3108 Blogday

Today is Blogday. Everyone that has a blog should celebrate.

If Microsoft Made vi

Google Color Swap

Normally, Google's logo has fixed colors:

  • G is blue.
  • First O is red.
  • Second O is yellow.
  • Second G is blue
  • L is green.
  • E is red.

Now imagine swapping these colors of the letters over and over again.
Wouldn't that be amusing?
Go to this generated logo on and keep reloading the page. Ah, the pleasure of swapping.

Naruto To Air on Cartoon Network Soon

Naruto will air on Cartoon Network very soon!
If you go to, you see the thing below.
Notice the picture at the most right. Now you get it huh?

iPod Video Prototype

This is a iPod video prototype by smash.
It's facinating, and I hope Apple can do this.

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