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BTW, it's out. Get it at

Google Is Doing IM?

There are rumors that Google will launch a Jabber-based IM service on Wednesday. member Tom Servo confirmed that is an active Jabber server.
Last of all, you can login to the server using your Google account name and password with any Jabber client.
Several un-named Google Executives have confirmed that Google will be announcing "Google Talk" on Wednesday.
BTW, someone telnetted the server and sent an XML stream, and got an XML response, which confirms that is a Jabber Server.

Google's Buying Meetro for IM?

No. Seriously.
Google's buying Meetro, but not for IM. It's more like Orkut, based on community concepts. Although Google has Hello, it's not gonna be an ideal IM protocol/client. Hello is for sharing photos, not chatting.

If Google is really gonna do IM, they should write a Jabber client (or buy one).
Transports are terrific, Jabber/XMPP is XML-based and is superior because the protocol itself is extendable.

Going to the States

I'm going to the States.
In Seattle.


I'm out.
To Hualien.

More Mangas

Let's just say I'm getting myself into trouble, because now I'm reading too much mangas.
These include Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, and a whole lot more.

eXeem 0.25 Coming Soon

eXeem 0.25 is coming soon, and here's the changelog:

  • Support for external torrents, so you can now use eXeem as your regular torrent client, and you can also publish and search external torrents within eXeem.
  • You can turn off skinning, leaving only the standard UI.
  • The network traffic will be using UDP more, to make connections more easier to establish.
  • Show graphs in the info window. It gives information about blocks, pieces, peers, and nodes.

What You Can Expect in Firefox 1.1

The upcoming Firefox 1.1 is not just a new version of Firefox. It means a lot of great new features and underlying state-of-the-art technologies.
Here's what you can expect in Firefox 1.1.

"Good" User Interface Design Tips

This is totally awesome.
Take a look at Good User Interface Design Tips, it's really a good one.

Gmail's Phishing Alert

Most of us know that Gmail has a phishing alert feature, it alerts you when it thinks a mail is a phishing attack, but not much people have actually seen the alert.

Today, I received a mail claiming "Gmail account validation", and Gmail displayed a red alert on the top of the mail. Screenshots below.
By the way, it was a pretty strange phishing mail, because the fake URL in the mail isn't a clickable link, and going to the URL doesn't work. The whole mail is text, not the common image trick that most phishing mails use.

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