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Avast, me matey! Today be th' International Talk 'Ike a Pirate Day! Tho' me still can't get th' pirate module workin'.

Regular Expression: Match Unicode Block Range

This is an online tool that builds a JavaScript regular expression that matches characters that fall in any number of specified Unicode blocks.

New Design: Kieferwald

Ever since I've moved to the Puget Sound area, I've always wanted to do a design based on pine trees, which are abundant in Washington state. They didn't call it the Evergreen state for no reason. If there's anything that can be called "recurring" in West Washington, then pine trees, berry bushes, and crows would be on the list. After a photo-shooting spree in a variety of parks in the Seattle suburban area, I finally captured (and felt) what I considered to be the "spirit" of pine trees.


I've managed to finally resurrect this site. What lead to the devastating blow of destruction to this site? Here goes the story thus.

Playing DRM'd Songs in Songbird

Ben has written that Songbird 0.2.5 will be able to play DRM-protected tracks. To quote him:

The next version of Songbird (0.2.5) will support Apple FairPlay and Windows Media DRM audio playback. Those features are already enabled in the latest nightly build and everyone is encouraged to give those builds a spin. If you're on Windows you'll need to have a new-ish version of Windows Media Player (probably 9 or newer) for protected WMA playback and QuickTime for Windows (probably 7 or newer) for FairPlay to work. On OS X you'll only get FairPlay playback, sorry.
Running the DRM Guantlet | Songbirdnest.com

Firefox 3: getElementsByClassName

John Resig (author of jQuery who recently joined Mozilla Corp) wrote about Firefox 3 will have native support for document.getElementsByClassName(). This is what almost all web developers want; almost all Ajax libraries implement this.

Typography Shin'nen

Typography Shin'nen ought to be called Typography Paramount Red. It is part green (original color designs) and part red (applied on headers), made to celebrate Chinese New Year, which is February 18 this year.

Libraries: On Size and Usage

As beginners, people who write Ajax applications (for the first time) tend to blindly slap on the Prototype JavaScript framework because of its fame and popularity. What then follows is the usual complaining on Prototype's size (over 60 kilobytes).

Drupal 5.1 Upgrade

Following along with the fresh release of Drupal 5.1, I upgraded this site shortly. There are two pages of minor bugs fixed, along with a Comment module vulnerability patched. There seems to be no database scheme changes when compared to Drupal 5.0.

A Quiet Act of ...

Rosa Parks
 A quest for human dignity
  A quiet act of courage

Kudos to the person who crossed that out on the PSA in one of those Metro buses.

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