Regular Expression That Matches RegExps

Being bored, curious, and redundant all at the same time, I thought: "What if you want to check, in JavaScript, to see if a string is a JavaScript regular expression?" The obvious answer is, in a sense, self-referencing, because you'll have to check with regular expressions too. So basically, a regular expression to check regular expressions in JavaScript. Ugh.

Migration from WordPress to Drupal

As I grow more and more liking on Drupal, I decided to truly integrate my WordPress-powered blog with my main site. This is quite challenging, since database schemas differ between different content management systems.

With the wp2drupal module, this can be easily achieved, and the only thing that matters would be how much would be migrated. My case was a pretty exceptional one, since I maintain the WordPress blog on a different subdomain with customized permalinks.

ROT13 Program for TI Calculators

Because of sudden boredom occurring while I was doing calculations on my calculator, I decided to write a ROT13 program on it. The program is written in TI-BASIC, which has some certain quirks and limitations.

To name a few:

A Tactic For Stronger Passwords

A lot of people, including myself, have a hard time thinking of good password. Passwords are those tricky little things that get you. If they're easy to remember, they're probably insecure. If they're secure, they're likely to be very hard to remember. However, there is a nice way to get around this.

Web Development and Emerging Devices

As more and more browsing-capable devices emerge, such as the Wii and the iPhone, web developers will of course want their sites and services to work on these devices. However, if this were five years ago, they would rather not care about these devices at all.

How so?

Problems With Notepad++ and UTF-8

Don't get me wrong. Notepad++ is a great piece of software. But there are some little gotchas that'll appear every now and then when using it.

When you're dealing with HTML, PHP, and JavaScript files, especially when you're creating them from scratch, starting with a new file, look out. Double check and make sure that the encoding is UTF-8 (which is the default encoding) without BOM, because if there is a BOM, it'll wreck havoc. Lots of havoc.

Typography Hiems

Say hello to Typography Hiems! This bluish theme is winter-based. "Hiems" is Latin for "winter." Enjoy this calm, icy design, because there'll be a new one for February.

Prototyping: Not a Flaw

A Slashdot article, titled "AJAX May Be Considered Harmful", claims:

87C751 writes: "Security lists are abuzz about a presentation from the 23C3 conference, which details a fundamental design flaw in Javascript. The technique, called Prototype Hijacking, allows an attacker to redefine any feature of Javascript. The paper is called 'Subverting AJAX' (pdf), and outlines a possible Web Worm that lives in the very fabric of Web 2.0 and could kill the Web as we know it."

Yet Another JavaScript Quine

Here is yet another JavaScript quine:

(function(){document.write("(" + arguments.callee.toSource() + ")();");})();

This is only tested under Firefox.

Prototype Breaks Not

The recent Ajaxian post on Prototype mentions how most people argue Prototype's badness. The first point is the most common: breaking the loop.

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