Caught a Bunny

I caught a bunny. Literally.

In Seattle, you can spot rabbits in lots of parks. They're mainly brown. What annoys me is how paranoid they are, although they are supposed to be paranoid to protect themselves.
Since I never held a rabbit in hand before, I decided to catch one (no, no harming).

Obviously, the adult one were smart enough to stay near the bushes. I tried to catch one that wasn't as near the bushes as others. Well, it ran away too fast, because something else caught my attention. Smaller bunnies.

New Video Card

Recently, I got a new video card.

Let's sum this all up: I'm a graphics-intense user, I need 3D stuff, and I love bells and whistles.

Product Key Regeneration

As Windows Vista Beta 2 is released to the public, there is something that's worth mentioning.

If you have registered at the so-called Beta Experience previously, you get an email telling you that Windows Vista is now available. It contains a link to download Windows Vista. After clicking the link, the site prompted me to sign in with a Windows Live ID (previously called .NET Passport), which I did.

Upgraded to Drupal 4.7.2

Once again, this site is upgraded. This site now uses Drupal 4.7.2, which contains lots of security bug fixes.

Molasses Kill

Just saw the Wired article Ten Worst Engineering Mistakes.

What I'm pointing out here, is a particular part:

You gotta keep your molasses somewhere: how about a rickety tank 50 feet tall and 90 feet in diameter in the middle of Boston? The structure was painted brown to hide the leaks. Eventually it burst (possibly exploding from fermentation), sending waves of molasses up to 15 feet high into the city and killing 21.

Death of Times New Roman

I just saw this post on Fadtastic called The end for an era for Times New Roman?

The use of Calibri as a default font for Microsoft Word dates as back as Office 2007's first release, still called Office "12" at that time.

From what I know of, Times New Roman is inundated. It appears everywhere, from newspapers to monotonous essays, and it shows less the beauty of serif fonts than Georgia.

Prisoner Racial Stereotypes

Recently, I read a book called Monster, a 1999 novel by Walter Dean Meyers.
At the back of the book reads:

Steve Harmon's black.
He's in jail, maybe forever.
He's on trial for murder.
And he's sixteen years old.
Back cover of the book "Monster"

This makes me wondering if we replace the word "black" with "white," what would the reader expect for him to be on trial for?
The immediate answer from most people, would be "rape."

VG Cats Overdose

I can certainly say that I'm intoxinated because of VG Cats overdose. The comic is just too tempting. You can't even think of escaping or quitting ;)

Yeah yeah, anthro and/or furry, I don't care if some people don't like it.

A side note...I'm never good at drawing people, but a recent encounter shows that I'm not so bad at drawing anthro / furry stuff. Hmmmm.


DBConsole is an Ajax MySQL console written in PHP for verbose administrators. It was destroyed along with the original site, so unless I can find a forgotten copy on some server, it can't be recovered.

Better Feed Handling for Firefox 2

I just saw Ben's post about an experimental feature landing on the Firefox 2 nightly. Basically, Firefox 2 will have a better way to handle feeds.

Currently in Firefox 1.5, there are two ways.

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