Drupal Upgraded to 4.7

I just upgraded this site's CMS system to Drupal 4.7. Previously, it's 4.6. Some configurations need to be tweaked, but oh well. It runs smoothly now.

CherryOS Fraud Article Revised

Following my CherryOS Fraud article with better formatting, literary fixes, and better code.

It's preserved for historical purposes, and to remind people not to rip off open source applications. Nothing can cover your track.

New Design: Foris

Welcome to the new design at korp, codenamed Foris.

As spring is approaching, I redesigned korp to fit the season. Foris, Latin for "outside", is designed to hint the arrival of spring. "Foris", by the way, is where the English word "forest" came from.

It is based on friendselectric, an XHTML tableless Drupal theme. Most of the colors in friendselectric are replaced.

Anyway, enjoy yourselves with this catchy design :)

Switched to Drupal

This site is now switched to Drupal. The reason is because Drupal provides flexibility and ease on configuration, also, I can easily create content without having to code the hell out of myself.

I also like those clean URLs Drupal can produce. All in all, Drupal is a good CMS and it's suitable for my site. I'll try to redesign my site shortly.


I just took a peek at FlySuite, a web office suite that currently offers an online word processor and spreadsheet program.
My excitement was immediately put out by the fact that it's written in Java. Despite the fact, I still tried it out.
It's unbelievably ugly, UI-clumsy, and feature-lacking, compared to ThinkFree Office online, which is also written in Java.
How disappointing.

ajaxWrite: No Better

After trying out ajaxWrite because of all the hype, my conclusion is: it's disappointing.
It's not compatible with Internet Explorer. It works only on Firefox 1.5. It's written in XUL.

Horror! dA5

Today, deviantArt has the ultimate horror in house: dav5 beta, where Web 2.0 meets deviantART.
Coincidence with April Fool? I think not.

Office 2007 UI Revamped (Again)

Jesen Harris's post Picture This: A New Look For Office reveals a revamped UI for Office 2007.

With all those Web applications springing around, it's getting competitive.

Honestly, the old (initial) one looks more polished, whereas the new revamped one looks refreshing. I hope they can blend a better shade of blue, because it looks suspiciously like coughdrops.

Congrats to the Writely Team

Writely has been acquired by Google.

Congrats to the whole Writely team, including Sam, Claudia, Steve, and Jen.
This is a great opportunity for great improvements!

Flock, Firefox, and vice versa

People, are being totally stupid because of Flock.
When Firefox 1.5 came out, someone quoted (on digg, possibly)...

Wow, Firefox 1.5 has a new error page just like Flock!

God damn it.

Flock is built on top of Firefox, not the other way around. What are people thinking?

When Firefox 1.5 came out, someone quoted (on digg, possibly)...

Wow, Firefox 1.5 has a new error page just like Flock!

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