Most people had heard what RTFM is.

Today I'm going to introduce the all new ITFC.

Implement The Fucking Code

Now all coders can use this abbr.
There are lots of people that can code, but insist on bitching at the developers and make things worse. With this one simple reply, the developer that's bitched at can simply demand the person to stop bitching and start coding.

Domain Provider: Transferred

I switched to 1AND1.
Probably because GoDaddy's more expensive and has suffered a DoS attack.

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a happy new year!

Player + Browser != Stupid

People are saying that combining a browser with a player (obviously, Songbird) is stupid.

Although the logical percentage of that kind of statement isn't zilch, it certainly isn't over 40.
Yeah, you can mass download all those MP3 links on a web page using FlashGet or other similar stuff, but why do that when you can simply parse that page in a player that's built on top of a browser code? Even more, you don't have to download it. You can just simply stream it in the player from the site.

Why act stupid?

Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0: the Difference

Prototype's Synchronous Quirk

I was experimenting with Prototype's AJAX call, but with the option asynchronous: false. It was buggy under Internet Explorer, although I never expected anything to work under Internet Explorer anyway.

Either Prototype never finished the XMLHttpRequest, or Prototype didn't call the function it was supposed to after the request.

Delicious Birthday Cake

Today I ate a few piece (actually, quite a few piece) of a delicious birthday cake. It's a chocolate coffee cake with cool whip topping. By the way, it's my birthday.

AIM's Movie Bot Is Interesting

AIM has a bot called moviefone, used for querying movie info. However, when I told the bot the fact that AOL sucks, the bot isn't happy. Here's part of the chat:

aol sucks

That's rude. I'm here to help. Type, help if you ned it.

======= Movie of the Week =======
King Kong (2005) - Movie Site

Heh, that's funny.

Here's more:

Interesting. Why don't you try typing, help.

That's unnecessary. Type, help.

Devmo Ads on Google

I just searched for "ajax columns" in Google, and gosh, there's this ad on the side:

Wow. I love that ad ;)
It's clear (tells you what it is), has a clean URL, and a good title.
Devmo's getting much better at advertising.

CNET's Unclear Report

Another misleading story from CNET: Mozilla take wraps off Firefox 1.5.
Let's see:

Firefox 1.5 also supports new Web programming standards, such as AJAX, that enable more graphical capabilities in Web pages.
Mozilla take wraps off Firefox 1.5, CNET

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