Prototype: Enable/Disable Elements

I have written some code for Prototype. Prototype can toggle, show, hide, and remove elements (these are just one of the many features Prototype can do to elements).

I went even further: making it possible to disable, enable (if it's already disabled), and toggle disable elements. This is the code. (It's under the same MIT-style license as Prototype)

Linux: Vulnerable to Aliens

It is said that Linux is vulnerable to Aliens.

Dirty Works Behind Firefox 1.5

I just saw this section from the Mozilla Corportation's press release:

With Firefox 1.5, Mozilla continues its search partnership with Google in the Americas and in Europe and begins a new search relationship with Yahoo! in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Fedora Core 5 Test 1 Out

Fedora Core 5 Test 1 is out for testing.
I noticed that they replaced IIIMF with SCIM. Good. IIIMF is horrible.

Mirror list
Release notes

Vietnam War Veterans: Do Something

I just watched Winter Soldier, a Vietnam War documentary.
The most impressive quote was this:

If you haven't think about it, think about it now. If you did think about it, god dammit, do somethin', shit!
a Vietnam War veteran

Search Engine Thanksgiving Roundup

First, the Google logo and Gmail logo has some changes.

This is last year's Thanksgiving Gmail logo.

This is the '05 one.

7 things the Gmail Team is thankful for this year

Songbird: the Next Big Thing?

Songbird will be released on December. Will it be the promising integrator of digital media sites?
Certainly, it's built on top of XUL, which is the ultimate flexible framework for building great applications. I wonder what playback engine are they going to use.

Countering Google Analytics Boycott

Some guy on the net thought of a clever way to make Google Analytics unable to collect data under Firefox browsers. First of all, he spelled Firefox wrong. It's "Firefox", not "FireFox". He achieved this by using the adblock extension (not "plug-in", as he said) to block *

After using this "counter-anti-block" method, the only way to avoid is to turn off JavaScript.

Happy Birthday Google

Happy Birthday Google!
Google is now 7 years old.

Google Zeitgeist 05: It's All Gonna Change

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