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LOLFeed for Ruby

Flickr's recent introduction of the LOLFeed format was highly amusing. Following Mark Christian's footsteps, I decided to write a Ruby version of the LOLFeed parser. At first it was merely a port, but I then found the state machine to be too cumbersome, so I went all out with regular expressions. Read on for the code.

Ubiquity Commands

I have written two Ubiquity commands so far. If you have Ubiquity installed, you should be prompted to install commands when reading this page.

Drupal tools

Drupal tools contains two commands, drupal and drupal-api.

drupal (node ID)

drupal opens the corresponding node on

drupal-api (function name) [on (drupal version)]

Snippet: Font Detection with Prototype

This is essentially a clean house implementation of the font detection method described at lalit dot lab using Prototype 1.6. Another method described at seems very interesting, since it uses Flash.

This is only usable after the DOM is ready. Call Font.detect with a string containing the name of the font to be detected. If it's detected as present, true is returned, otherwise, false.

Ruby Enumerable and Array Extras: pluck and invoke for Ruby

The Prototype JavaScript Framework has almost all of the Array and Enumerable extensions that Ruby has, but the reverse doesn't seem to be true. One thing apparently missing from Ruby is pluck() (or invoke()). Picture the following scenario in Prototype JavaScript:

Synthetic Division Heavylifter

Synthetic Division Heavylifter is a tool available in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Common Lisp that performs synthetic division. Synthetic division is a process that is used to speed up the factoring of polynomials. However, it is still a hassle to utilize when the first term or the last term of the polynomial has a large number of factors, since the possible number factor candidates would increase.

Regular Expression: Match Unicode Block Range

This is an online tool that builds a JavaScript regular expression that matches characters that fall in any number of specified Unicode blocks.

Live Search module for Drupal 5

As Drupal is was approaching its 5.0 release, Jared of littlegreencube brought my attention to the lack of decent live search functionality for Drupal when he saw my article on live search in Drupal. The word "hack" can't aptly describe how much of a kludge my previous attempted approach to live search for Drupal 4.7 was.

Live Search

Live search has been one of the hottest features. I decided to give it a try on my site, which is Drupal-powered. And since it's powered by Drupal, there are obviously some little problems that need to be sorted out.


DBConsole is an Ajax MySQL console written in PHP for verbose administrators. It was destroyed along with the original site, so unless I can find a forgotten copy on some server, it can't be recovered.

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