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New Version of Gmail Is Slower?

There has been several reports mentioning how slow the new Gmail is. In all cases, the problem seems to be cross browser, and of course, cross platform.

Strangely, in my own case, the new Gmail was not slow at all. In fact, it was so fast that I was surprised. It was then when I noticed subtle changes like the custom drop-down list, narrower message rows, the new position of the "Loading..." message, and the "Older Version" link. It even kindly reminded me that Firebug slows Gmail down, and, to fix it, I should disable Firebug for

Gmail's Phishing Alert

Most of us know that Gmail has a phishing alert feature, it alerts you when it thinks a mail is a phishing attack, but not much people have actually seen the alert.

Today, I received a mail claiming "Gmail account validation", and Gmail displayed a red alert on the top of the mail. Screenshots below.
By the way, it was a pretty strange phishing mail, because the fake URL in the mail isn't a clickable link, and going to the URL doesn't work. The whole mail is text, not the common image trick that most phishing mails use.

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