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Google Treasure Hunt 2008

Google Treasure Hunt seems to be fairly interesting. There are three puzzles released so far; a fourth one will ensue at 1212448500 (that's new Date(1212448500 * 1000) for you JavaScripters). The first two are dubbed "robot" and "zip" by Google, the former sponsored by the Sydney office, the latter sponsored by the Mountain View headquarters. The latest one, which I call "route" (there is no official name for it yet officially named "network"), is sponsored by the San Francisco office.

Synthetic Division Heavylifter

Synthetic Division Heavylifter is a tool available in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Common Lisp that performs synthetic division. Synthetic division is a process that is used to speed up the factoring of polynomials. However, it is still a hassle to utilize when the first term or the last term of the polynomial has a large number of factors, since the possible number factor candidates would increase.

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