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Chyrp: How Not To Use jQuery

Chyrp, a recently dugg blogging system, looks like a very good and clean blogging system. I strongly agree with Alex's (the author) philosophy about Ajax: no overajaxifying.

Because we've all seen AJAX abused too many times, Chyrp is made to use it only where it works good. For example, creating a new post uses AJAX, because it's already definite where it's going to end up (the content, with all the other posts [unless you made it a draft, in which case it goes in to "Your Drafts" and tells you so]). However, for creating a page it uses regular old form submitting. This is because pages are meant to be their own section of the website. There's no point in having it fade in to the content or do anything fancy, because you'll end up going to its own page anyway.

Chyrp uses jQuery; a good choice. Inferring from most of the Ajax-pushing code, I can see that Alex has made the JavaScript as clean as possible. There are still some room for improvement, however, as seen in this:

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