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Yet Another JavaScript Quine

Here is yet another JavaScript quine:

(function(){document.write("(" + arguments.callee.toSource() + ")();");})();

This is only tested under Firefox.

Prototype Breaks Not

The recent Ajaxian post on Prototype mentions how most people argue Prototype's badness. The first point is the most common: breaking the loop.

Ribbon Component for Prototype

I'm working on a Ribbon component that utilizes Prototype. The Ribbon I'm referring here is the Ribbon UI in Office 2007. Toolbars are passé.
Here is a highlight on the key features of the Ribbon component:

  • Multiple tabs, multiple groups
  • Collapsible
  • Stickybar that is persistent to the left (like the "Quick Access Toolbar" in Office), and a specific Help button
  • Detects mouse wheel scrolling and switches tabs
  • Supports different modes where different tabs are available

ajaxWrite: No Better

After trying out ajaxWrite because of all the hype, my conclusion is: it's disappointing.
It's not compatible with Internet Explorer. It works only on Firefox 1.5. It's written in XUL.

Prototype's Synchronous Quirk

I was experimenting with Prototype's AJAX call, but with the option asynchronous: false. It was buggy under Internet Explorer, although I never expected anything to work under Internet Explorer anyway.

Either Prototype never finished the XMLHttpRequest, or Prototype didn't call the function it was supposed to after the request.

Prototype: Enable/Disable Elements

I have written some code for Prototype. Prototype can toggle, show, hide, and remove elements (these are just one of the many features Prototype can do to elements).

I went even further: making it possible to disable, enable (if it's already disabled), and toggle disable elements. This is the code. (It's under the same MIT-style license as Prototype)

Countering Google Analytics Boycott

Some guy on the net thought of a clever way to make Google Analytics unable to collect data under Firefox browsers. First of all, he spelled Firefox wrong. It's "Firefox", not "FireFox". He achieved this by using the adblock extension (not "plug-in", as he said) to block *

After using this "counter-anti-block" method, the only way to avoid is to turn off JavaScript.

Netvibes: the Portal You Want It To Be

Netvibes is a highly customizable homepage portal.
It's completely Ajax powered, and it has more features than Google's personalized homepage.
Registering is free, and Traditional Chinese is coming.

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