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Prototyping: Not a Flaw

A Slashdot article, titled "AJAX May Be Considered Harmful", claims:

87C751 writes: "Security lists are abuzz about a presentation from the 23C3 conference, which details a fundamental design flaw in Javascript. The technique, called Prototype Hijacking, allows an attacker to redefine any feature of Javascript. The paper is called 'Subverting AJAX' (pdf), and outlines a possible Web Worm that lives in the very fabric of Web 2.0 and could kill the Web as we know it."


I just took a peek at FlySuite, a web office suite that currently offers an online word processor and spreadsheet program.
My excitement was immediately put out by the fact that it's written in Java. Despite the fact, I still tried it out.
It's unbelievably ugly, UI-clumsy, and feature-lacking, compared to ThinkFree Office online, which is also written in Java.
How disappointing.

ajaxWrite: No Better

After trying out ajaxWrite because of all the hype, my conclusion is: it's disappointing.
It's not compatible with Internet Explorer. It works only on Firefox 1.5. It's written in XUL.

Horror! dA5

Today, deviantArt has the ultimate horror in house: dav5 beta, where Web 2.0 meets deviantART.
Coincidence with April Fool? I think not.

Congrats to the Writely Team

Writely has been acquired by Google.

Congrats to the whole Writely team, including Sam, Claudia, Steve, and Jen.
This is a great opportunity for great improvements!

Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0: the Difference

Netvibes: the Portal You Want It To Be

Netvibes is a highly customizable homepage portal.
It's completely Ajax powered, and it has more features than Google's personalized homepage.
Registering is free, and Traditional Chinese is coming.

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