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Downloading Vista Over Dial-up

You might think that downloading the 3.1 GB Windows Vista Beta 2 ISO file over a dial-up connection is impossible, but that's just what I did recently.

I started to download it on June 7. Every night, I would start the dial-up connection and let FlashGet download it. This morning, July 3, it's finally over.

Product Key Regeneration

As Windows Vista Beta 2 is released to the public, there is something that's worth mentioning.

If you have registered at the so-called Beta Experience previously, you get an email telling you that Windows Vista is now available. It contains a link to download Windows Vista. After clicking the link, the site prompted me to sign in with a Windows Live ID (previously called .NET Passport), which I did.

Death of Times New Roman

I just saw this post on Fadtastic called The end for an era for Times New Roman?

The use of Calibri as a default font for Microsoft Word dates as back as Office 2007's first release, still called Office "12" at that time.

From what I know of, Times New Roman is inundated. It appears everywhere, from newspapers to monotonous essays, and it shows less the beauty of serif fonts than Georgia.

Office 2007 UI Revamped (Again)

Jesen Harris's post Picture This: A New Look For Office reveals a revamped UI for Office 2007.

With all those Web applications springing around, it's getting competitive.

Honestly, the old (initial) one looks more polished, whereas the new revamped one looks refreshing. I hope they can blend a better shade of blue, because it looks suspiciously like coughdrops.

Lame VoIP Fusses

All the VoIP fuss is lame. How so?
First of all, Microsoft is acquiring Teleo. Tell you what, Teleo uses the GlobalIP codec. Actually, both Skype and Google Talk uses the GlobalIP codec too.
The competetive tension is rising and guess what? They're all using GlobalIP!
Speex is better. Hope Google implements Speex.

If Microsoft Made vi

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