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Cross-Domain Requests and Prototype

Ever since 3.5, cross-domain HTTP requests have been supported in Firefox. Getting this to work may seem easier and saner than piggy-backing Flash ("simply request a URL of different origin in your XMLHttpRequest!"), but unless you use jQuery, you'll realize that for some reason, cross-domain requests mysteriously fail in your JavaScript framework despite the fact that the server is correctly responding with an appropriate Access-Control-Allow-Origin header.

Ubiquity Commands

I have written two Ubiquity commands so far. If you have Ubiquity installed, you should be prompted to install commands when reading this page.

Drupal tools

Drupal tools contains two commands, drupal and drupal-api.

drupal (node ID)

drupal opens the corresponding node on

drupal-api (function name) [on (drupal version)]

Firefox Summit 08: Blocker

As we can see, Mozillans all over the summit are affected by a top priority blocker. Literally.

With the rock slide, we Mozillans will no doubt find the already long two hour bus ride extended to an eight hour one. Certain sources say that this is the work of a company trying to wipe out as much Mozilla employees and contributers as possible in one clean swoop. I've heard that this certain company's name starts with an M and ends with a T, though there are still wild speculations about what entity is to blame.

On the bright side, we've got bears for company. Although particular people are quite afraid of bears, the general Mozillan reaction to bears is mixed.

Firefox 3, Now With Array Inconsistency

Alex Russell has pointed out that Firefox 3 has some quirky issues with JavaScript arrays, namely, an array made from a literal has a different constructor than an array made from instantiating the global array object. Long story short, the below is true:

[].constructor != new Array().constructor


It seems like this is a Firebug-specific issue. If you try to evaluate the above in Error Console, you'll get false.

Object Destructuring Shorthand: New in Firefox 3 Beta 3

One of the changes in Firefox 3 Beta 3, which has just been released, brings the object destructuring shorthand to JavaScript 1.8. Why would you need object destructuring in the first place? Commonly when you need to pull certain values out of an object structure, as demonstrated here. The introduced shorthand sprinkles a bit more of syntactic sugar into object destructuring assignments. Read on for concrete examples.

Firefox 3: getElementsByClassName

John Resig (author of jQuery who recently joined Mozilla Corp) wrote about Firefox 3 will have native support for document.getElementsByClassName(). This is what almost all web developers want; almost all Ajax libraries implement this.

Better Feed Handling for Firefox 2

I just saw Ben's post about an experimental feature landing on the Firefox 2 nightly. Basically, Firefox 2 will have a better way to handle feeds.

Currently in Firefox 1.5, there are two ways.

Flock, Firefox, and vice versa

People, are being totally stupid because of Flock.
When Firefox 1.5 came out, someone quoted (on digg, possibly)...

Wow, Firefox 1.5 has a new error page just like Flock!

God damn it.

Flock is built on top of Firefox, not the other way around. What are people thinking?

When Firefox 1.5 came out, someone quoted (on digg, possibly)...

Wow, Firefox 1.5 has a new error page just like Flock!

CNET's Unclear Report

Another misleading story from CNET: Mozilla take wraps off Firefox 1.5.
Let's see:

Firefox 1.5 also supports new Web programming standards, such as AJAX, that enable more graphical capabilities in Web pages.
Mozilla take wraps off Firefox 1.5, CNET

Dirty Works Behind Firefox 1.5

I just saw this section from the Mozilla Corportation's press release:

With Firefox 1.5, Mozilla continues its search partnership with Google in the Americas and in Europe and begins a new search relationship with Yahoo! in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

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