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Live Search module for Drupal 5

As Drupal is was approaching its 5.0 release, Jared of littlegreencube brought my attention to the lack of decent live search functionality for Drupal when he saw my article on live search in Drupal. The word "hack" can't aptly describe how much of a kludge my previous attempted approach to live search for Drupal 4.7 was.

Drupal 5 coming soon

Since Drupal 5 has went through all the beta, and is now in the state of RC1, that naturally means this site will soon follow the steps and upgrade to Drupal 5 when it's released.

Typography Autumn Night

This design, dubbed Typography Autumn Night, has been up for while. It was intended to be Halloween-centered, but now it's a nice reminiscence of Luna, the last design on my very old site before it was using Drupal.

Like Luna, it has a starry background and a huge moon hanging on the top of the page. The moon deserves some special mentioning. It now hangs high and doesn't disappear even if you scroll the page. Too bad Internet Explorer doesn't do this, and I couldn't care less.

Live Search

Live search has been one of the hottest features. I decided to give it a try on my site, which is Drupal-powered. And since it's powered by Drupal, there are obviously some little problems that need to be sorted out.

New Look: Typography Paramount

The site now switches over to the clean looking Typography Paramound, a free template from Six Shooter Media.

The original design was Foris, a theme modified from FriendsElectric. Foris was essentially a green version of FriendsElectric, and it unfortunately inherited all flaws of FriendsElectric. This includes:

  • Severe reflowing problems with preformatted text
  • Bloated markup because of the tag soup used to style the page
  • Complex CSS rules that are hard to sort out and modify
  • Certain imcompatibility because of the Drupal 4.7 upgrade

Upgraded to Drupal 4.7.2

Once again, this site is upgraded. This site now uses Drupal 4.7.2, which contains lots of security bug fixes.

Drupal Upgraded to 4.7

I just upgraded this site's CMS system to Drupal 4.7. Previously, it's 4.6. Some configurations need to be tweaked, but oh well. It runs smoothly now.

New Design: Foris

Welcome to the new design at korp, codenamed Foris.

As spring is approaching, I redesigned korp to fit the season. Foris, Latin for "outside", is designed to hint the arrival of spring. "Foris", by the way, is where the English word "forest" came from.

It is based on friendselectric, an XHTML tableless Drupal theme. Most of the colors in friendselectric are replaced.

Anyway, enjoy yourselves with this catchy design :)

Switched to Drupal

This site is now switched to Drupal. The reason is because Drupal provides flexibility and ease on configuration, also, I can easily create content without having to code the hell out of myself.

I also like those clean URLs Drupal can produce. All in all, Drupal is a good CMS and it's suitable for my site. I'll try to redesign my site shortly.

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