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Playing DRM'd Songs in Songbird

Ben has written that Songbird 0.2.5 will be able to play DRM-protected tracks. To quote him:

The next version of Songbird (0.2.5) will support Apple FairPlay and Windows Media DRM audio playback. Those features are already enabled in the latest nightly build and everyone is encouraged to give those builds a spin. If you're on Windows you'll need to have a new-ish version of Windows Media Player (probably 9 or newer) for protected WMA playback and QuickTime for Windows (probably 7 or newer) for FairPlay to work. On OS X you'll only get FairPlay playback, sorry.
Running the DRM Guantlet |

Player + Browser != Stupid

People are saying that combining a browser with a player (obviously, Songbird) is stupid.

Although the logical percentage of that kind of statement isn't zilch, it certainly isn't over 40.
Yeah, you can mass download all those MP3 links on a web page using FlashGet or other similar stuff, but why do that when you can simply parse that page in a player that's built on top of a browser code? Even more, you don't have to download it. You can just simply stream it in the player from the site.

Why act stupid?

Songbird: the Next Big Thing?

Songbird will be released on December. Will it be the promising integrator of digital media sites?
Certainly, it's built on top of XUL, which is the ultimate flexible framework for building great applications. I wonder what playback engine are they going to use.

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